Forex and Currency Trading Attractiveness and Risks - Forex and Currency Trading Attractiveness and Risks

Forex and Currency Trading Attractiveness and Risks

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Foreign exchange (forex) trading is the buying and selling of currencies of different countries. It is the world’s largest market with daily trading volume reaching trillions of dollars. The appeal of forex lies in its high liquidity, large fluctuation range, 24/7 trading and high financial leverage. However, forex also has many potential risks such as fluctuating exchange rates, margin risk and investment capital loss.

Forex and Currency Trading Attractiveness and Risks - Forex and Currency Trading Attractiveness and Risks

1. The attraction of forex

There are several reasons why forex is attractive to many investors:

2. High liquidity

Forex is a very liquid market, with a daily trading volume of up to 6.6 trillion USD. This allows investors to easily open and close positions without fear of not finding a buyer/seller.

Forex and Currency Trading Attractiveness and Risks - Forex and Currency Trading Attractiveness and Risks

3. Large fluctuation amplitude

Currency pairs often have quite large daily fluctuations, often up to hundreds of pips. This allows investors the opportunity to earn high profits in a short time if they predict the trend correctly.

4. Transaction 24/7

The market is open 24 hours 5.5 days per week. This allows investors to be flexible in managing positions and choosing appropriate trading times.

Forex and Currency Trading Attractiveness and Risks - Forex and Currency Trading Attractiveness and Risks

5. Financial leverage

The broker usually allows investors to trade forex with leverage up to 1:500. This allows for profit amplification but also increases the risk of loss.

6. Risks of forex

Besides the advantages, forex also comes with some major risks:

7. Exchange rate fluctuations are difficult to predict

Prices in the forex market change continuously and are difficult to predict. Economic and political events can have a strong impact on market psychology and change trends.

8. Margin risk

Investors only need to spend a small part of the transaction value (margin) to open a position. If the market goes against predictions, the account may be liquidated before the investor can add more money.

9. Cut losses for investors

Most brokers have the right to cut losses for customers when the margin falls below the minimum level. This can cause investors to suffer large losses.

10. Forex trading tips

To limit risks when trading forex, investors should:

  • Only invest with capital that you can afford to lose.
  • Use stop loss orders to limit your risk on each trade.
  • You should not open a position that is too large for your account. Recommended no more than 5% per transaction.
  • Always follow your investment plan and trading discipline. Manage emotions.
  • Regularly learn and improve technical and fundamental analysis knowledge.


Foreign exchange is an attractive market with high liquidity, large fluctuation range and financial leverage ability. However, it also comes with significant risks such as unpredictable exchange rates, margin risks and stop losses. Investors need to be cautious, follow risk management principles and should not bet capital beyond their tolerance to minimize risks when trading forex.

5 frequently asked questions

Question 1: What is the expected profit when investing in forex?

Answer: Expected profit depends on many factors such as the investor’s skills and trading strategy. According to statistics, most new investors participating in forex lose capital in the first year. A reasonable goal is 10-20% profit a year.

Question 2: What is the minimum capital to start investing in forex?

Answer: There is no specific number because it depends on the broker’s leverage level. But it is recommended to have a minimum of 5,000-10,000 USD to ensure enough capital for transactions and not be exposed to margin risk.

Question 3: Which information sources are the most fraudulent in the forex market?

Answer: Unreliable sources of information include forums, chat groups of unknown origin, free courses and signals that are not transparent. Investors should refer to reputable and official pages of brokers.

Question 4: Which strategy is suitable for forex beginners?

Answer: New investors should start with simple strategies such as technical analysis, following the main trend. Then slowly advance to more complex strategies. Blind strategies like Martingale should not be used.

Question 5: What time of day is suitable for forex trading?

Answer: The time frames with the highest liquidity are the beginning of the European session (7-9am GMT), the beginning of the US session (12-2pm GMT) and the beginning of the Asian session (0-2am GMT). However, investors can choose any time of day that suits their schedule.

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